Souriau Sunbank by Eaton

Interconnect Solutions

Over 100 years of experience in harsh environment interconnect solutions

Souriau-Sunbank,a world leader in high-performance interconnect technologies, is now part of Eaton’s portfolio of power management technologies to help customers across all industries manage power–more safely,more efficiently and more reliably.The same reliable people. The same reliable technologies. Now with the power of Eaton.

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TRIM TRIO Series - Versatile Industrial Connectors

  • Plastic and metal circular connectors designed for harsh industrial environments. Compliant with UL & IEC safety standards, and REACH & RoHS environmental standards.
  • Trim Trio connectors use the same contacts, which simplifies your supply chain and gives you the ability to switch from one connector series to another very easily.
  • Resistant to shock, vibration, water ingress, UV exposure, corrosion, and mechanical deterioration.

Connectors for Lighting Applications

Lighting connectors
  • Power-delivery & control (DMX & RDM) of LED equipment
  • IP68/69K waterproof rating, ideal for outdoors
  • Clip or screw backshell with screw contacts for easy field installation
  • Current breaking capacity: ‘first mate, last break’ ground contact
  • Compliant with UL 1977 and IEC 61984 safety standards

Discover SOURIAU's high reliability lighting interconnect solutions

Ruggedized to withstand outdoor conditions from freezing temps to gale force winds, SOURIAU's high reliability means less maintenance, repairs and replacements for your business.

UTS and UTO series

Waterproof and UV resistant, the UTS series is ideal for long outdoor use with an audible click that guarantees the connection

Circular plastic and metal connectors

SMS Series

SMS series is a rectangular connector with a quick mating mechanism, available from 3 to 36 positions. Just push to mate, press and release to unmate!

SMS Series

Clipper - Robust Plastic Circular Connector

Ruggedized and robust, the Clipper is the ideal connector for heavy-duty industrial applications, field-proven in mining, geophysics and instrumentation

plastic circular connector

JMX - Biocompatible Medical Connector

Especially developed to meet the requirements of medical equipment manufacturers, with biocompatible plastic and resistance to autoclave sterilization

medical connector
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