RS Components
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Washroom Equipment & Supplies

Maintaining a clean, well-equipped and hygienic washroom for staff and visitors is a simple way to promote better working practices and help reduce the spread of germs or illness. It also creates a powerful impression of your workplace as an efficient, safe, well-run facility.

Our advanced selection of washroom equipment, personal cleanliness products and refillable supplies includes a broad range of:

  • Hand soaps, hand sanitisers and hand cleaners.
  • Soap dispensers, hand sanitiser dispensers, sanitiser stations.
  • Wall-mounted hand dryers.
  • Paper towels and towel dispensers.
  • Air fresheners.
  • Toilet roll and toilet roll dispensers.
  • Hand lotions and conditioners.

Leading brands in this range include Kimberly Clark, Vent-Axia, Tork, RS Pro, Swarfega, Rubbermaid, and Deb Stoko.