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    Channel Support Systems

    We carry a wide range of struts and brackets along with assorted accessories from trusted manufacturers including Unistrut, Yale and our own brand RS Pro.

    What is a channel support system?

    A channel support system is a series of struts that can be slotted into one another with a collection of easy to connect components, sometimes referred to as brackets which are designed to create a light structural system, with relative ease through the use of fittings and fixtures. Our channel support systems offer a wide range of support for any mechanical, engineering or industrial purpose when light structural support is needed, like with wiring or plumbing or for cable management such as creating a cable ladder system.

    Choosing struts and accessories

    When building a complete channel support system, you will want to consider the type of channel best suited to your application and also the best accessories to use with these. A channel support system often requires a specific type of nut or bolt, like channel nuts or channel sockets, to affix other parts of the channel to create a larger system. Our components are available in a range of finishes, from stainless steel, galvanised steel or just regular steel which is used to create strong channel systems. Our range includes:

    • Plain channels - smooth channels or struts, available in different depths, finishes and lengths.
    • Slotted channels – have holes in different variations along the channel to allow mounting to structures and walls.
    • Channel nuts – available with or without springs, in various sizes and finishes.
    • Cantilever arms – also known as cantilever brackets, provide a secure and reliable mounting method for struts.