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    Push To Exit Buttons

    Push To Exit buttons can be found in a variety of applications as well as in various forms. Typically they all conform to a similar standard format with and often large and user friendly button and often accompanied by a large symbol or text to clearly highlight the purpose of the unit.

    Where can I use a Push To Exit button?

    Push to exit buttons can be used with any fail-safe or fail-secure door system. Any application where a user needs to enter or exit a building with a controlled door. Similar to a push to exit button, a push to open button can be mounted to an automatic but controlled door system allowing for disabled access.

    Types of Push To Exit button

    Wall-mounted physical button units feature a simple push-button activated by the user with varying sizes of button face. Some push buttons are smaller, flush-mounted button pads within the unit, whereas others feature a larger raised, domed or large faced pad style button for easier accessibility especially to users with disabilities.

    Touchpad push to exit units work under the same principles as standard push-button units but use a touch interface that can often enable a smaller overall unit size. Touchpad buttons can often be mounted into a wall much like a standard light switch to create a more sleek and less intrusive look.

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