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    Shielding Sheets

    Shielding sheets provide strong protection against undesirable electromagnetic signals in electronic enclosures. They are used for a wide range of electronic applications, especially in printed circuit boards. The most widely used type of electromagnetic shielding are sheets of metal formed into gaskets.

    What are shielding sheets made of?

    Shielding sheets are lightweight and flexible. Some of the most commonly used materials are copper foil, iron and highly conductive textile. Copper is the best material for shielding radio frequencies because it can absorb magnetic and radio waves. Nickel and copper polyester offer excellent conductivity, shielding capabilities and corrosion resistance.

    How do you choose the right shielding sheets?

    Choosing the right shielding sheets depends on which frequencies need to be deflected and at what intensity. You should also consider whether the device needs to be protected from magnetic or electric frequencies, or both. Other important factors include the shape of the device you're protecting as well as its weight capacity.

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