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    Linear Slide Rails

    Linear slide rails are necessary for motion mechanisms and structures where larger load capacity relative to size dimensions are required. Linear motion bearings provide free motion in a single direction via a linear slide rail or guide rail system. The movement is either motorised powered by a drive mechanism or manually driven by hand.

    What are linear slide rails used for?

    Linear rails can accommodate a variety of linear motion bearings. These rails offer accuracy, compactness, and rigidness along with extended durability due to their steel makeup.

    Linear slide rails are suitable for a variety of industrial applications such as, packaging/wrapping machines, labelling machines, automation and robot spray equipment. They also have the added benefit of low friction attributes. Slide systems are able to operate within a wide temperature range.

    What types of linear rails are there?

    • Roller linear guides provide a large line contact area for higher load carrying capacity with minimal friction
    • Ball linear slides are for precision contact and prevent misalignment errors
    • Profile linear guides are versatile, being compatible with a variety of machinery designs
    • Micro linear slides are miniature guidance systems and are ideal for small designs and precision equipment
    • V-guide linear systems are durable and work well for high duty manufacturing machinery
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