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    pH Test Strips

    pH test strips are designed for measuring how acidic or alkaline a sample or solution is. The pH test strips feature a non-bleeding, padded paper test tip attached to a plastic wand. Test strips are dipped into a solution and the results are compared to a colour chart or indicator strip for a clear visual result.RS offer a range of different strips for testing chemicals and solutions including Chlorine, Nitrates, peroxide, sulphites and water hardness.

    What is pH?

    The pH scale is an internationally recognisable scale that is used to indicate the acidity or alkalinity of a liquid or sample. Chemicals, liquids and samples are often classed as being acidic, basic or neutral on a scale of 0 pH to 14 pH. Low pH values are considered acidic, higher pH values are called basic and values around the 7 mark is referred to as neutral.

    Where can I use a pH test strip?

    pH measurement is used for testing and gathering results and information in a wide range of industries that deal with water or chemicals. Completing regular pH tests are vital for the health and safety of employees, the public and the environment. Although pH won’t necessarily indicate pollution is present, a pH indication level can help with the management of potentially high or low reading. ph testing strips are used in various applications including:

    • Agriculture
    • Chemical industries
    • Manufacturing
    • Hospitals and laboratories
    • Calibration testing
    • Aquariums

    pH testing strips offer a quick and cost-effective way to assess the pH level of a solution. They are portable, easy to use, and provide instant results.

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