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    Joystick switches are a type of input device, allowing users to control a range of machinery and industrial equipment. Joystick switches commonly feature a joystick or lever type handle which pivots on a base known as a control column. Joystick switches are featured in a range of electrical devices, allowing them to be moved in any direction. These types of control switches are available in a variety of designs and can feature a number of axis configurations from 1 to 8.

    Where are Joystick Switches used?

    Joystick switches are controllers used in a wide range of applications. For mobility devices such as electric wheelchairs, joystick switches allow user to manoeuvre around in all directions. In industrial settings, joysticks can be used to operate heavy duty machinery such as cranes. Other applications joystick switches are featured include games consoles, arcade machines, assembly lines and much more.

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