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    Air Chisels, Air Hammers & Needle Scalers

    Use Air Chisel, Air Hammers & Needle Scalers for heavy duty work such as cutting concrete, cutting metal objects or stripping rust. Our range include leading brands RS PRO & PREVOST. These air tools are ideal equipment for construction & Industrial applications. They are powered by an air compressor, delivering optimal force and easily breaks & cuts through multiple types of material.

    Air Chisels & Air Hammers

    Air Chisels & Air Hammers are robust pneumatic hand tools used to carve in stone or cut metal objects. They are both designed to take away the effort of using manual hand tools by doing the work for you. Ergonomic handles allow them to be efficient, comfortable and ideal for extensive use. Various tools can be used with an air hammer including a ball joint separator, exhaust pipe cutter, tapered punch and a rubber bushing splitter.

    Chisels Types

    There are several different types of heavy duty chisel accessories available to work with air chisels they include;

    • Pointed for concrete and masonry
    • Flat for general chiselling, panel cutting, v-groove for woodworking
    • Punch for driving in pins

    Air Needle Scalers

    Use air needle scalers to remove rust, heavy paint & coatings from metal surfaces even on hard to reach areas. Powered by compressed air, they are quick, easy to use and produce great results.

    Things to consider!

    Personal protection equipment (PPE) should always be used when working in Industrial applications. Please browse our comprehensive range of safety gloves, safety goggles, ear protection & head protection products

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