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    Power Conditioners

    Power conditioners are devices intended to increase the quality of power which is delivered to electrical load equipment. The term "power conditioner" refers to one or more ways to deliver voltage to the proper level enabling load equipment to function adequately. The term "power" is used to explain the electricity instead of actual power output.

    The power conditioner will also have a "joule" rating. A joule is a measurement of energy or heat required to sustain one watt for one second, known as a watt second.


    • AC Power Conditioners are the most popular versions which provide clean AC power to sensitive electrical equipment, through use of surge protection and noise filtering

    • Small units are rated in volt-amperes (VA)

    • Smaller versions can be mounted on a PCB board

    • Larger versions can protect an entire warehouse or factory


    • Medical refrigerators

    • Home and work offices

    • Air Conditioners

    • Power tools

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