Hydraulic Subplates

Hydraulic Subplates, also known as mounting pads, is designed to connect a hydraulic valve to field piping. Much like a switchboard on a circuit, hydraulic subplates let you control how much fluid flows between components in hydraulic machinery. RS Components offer a range of high-quality sublates from leading brands including SMC and Bosch Rexroth for all of your industrial system hydraulic needs.

How do subplates work?

Hydraulic Subplates can have up to seven valves mounted in parallel connection. They're used for any type of valve mounting, such as directional control valves or pressure-relief valves.

How to choose the right hydraulic subplate

When choosing the right hydraulic subplate there are a number of factors to take into consideration. Material and finish will determine how much pressure a subplate can handle, and will inform the durability of the unit. Most subplates are made from galvanised steel to prevent rust, which is vital when working in moist conditions. Other considerations include thread size and connection port thread - both of which are variable depending on the intended application. Subplates are available in modular or single-station formats to suit requirements and the number of modifications needed

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Beskrivning Pris Manufacturer Series Connection Port Thread Thread Standard Thread Size
RS-artikelnummer 701-3227
Tillv. art.nrV100-74-1
52,45 kr
V100 - - -
RS-artikelnummer 686-2665
Tillv. art.nrSY7000-27-1F-Q
169,81 kr
SY7000 G 1/4 G 1/4in
RS-artikelnummer 728-944
Tillv. art.nrR900424448
VarumärkeBosch Rexroth
804,17 kr
G341 G 3/8 G 3/8in
RS-artikelnummer 277-4595
Tillv. art.nrSY5000-27-1F
131,22 kr
SY5000 G 1/4 G 1/4in