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    Pipe Marking Tape

    What is pipe marking tape?

    Pipe marking tape is a type of adhesive tape. It is attached to pipes and identifies what the pipes contain or what they are used for. Unmarked pipes can be hazardous, particularly in places where people could be exposed to the contents of the pipework.

    Types of pipe marking tape:

    Example text on pipe marking tape includes:

    • Mains water

    • Hot water

    • Gas

    • Flow

    • Return

    • Compressed air

    • Steam

    • Fire Main

    • Drinking water

    • Nitrogen

    How should pipes be identified?

    Any pipe that transports a substance should be labelled and identified. The type of hazard must be indicated alongside a danger symbol. Pipe marking tape is normally colour coded and the direction of flow must also be shown.

    Benefits of using pipe marking tape

    Unmarked pipes have the potential to cause injury and damage equipment. By clearly marking pipes, you can protect people from danger. It can be more cost effective to label the pipes upfront as it can save money in the long run.

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