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    Pipe Insulation

    Pipe insulation is a fantastic way to optimise the efficiency of your heating system. By controlling heat loss in your pipes, you spend less energy on heating water than you otherwise would. This not only has a positive effect on your heating bills, but also on your carbon footprint. Using pipe insulation is also an effective way to prevent condensation on the pipes and to help protect them from freezing in cold climates. From boiler to radiator, ensure minimum heat is wasted in your plumbing with this simple energy-saving solution.

    Pipe Lagging A common form of pipe insulation is known as pipe lagging. This pre-formed cylindrical insulation slides neatly and easily onto your pipe, for maximum insulation with minimum effort. Though the tube insulator must be cut to cover more awkward sizes and is difficult to fit around corners, lagging is an ideal way to insulate large stretches of pipe in a cost-effective and convenient way. Lagging is typically made from polyethylene foam, a lightweight and pliable material that none-the-less has great insulating properties and moisture resistance. They are also available constructed from nitrile rubber, for heavier duty requirements. Each material has low thermal conductivity, to ensure minimal heat loss. The RS range of pipe lagging has a variety of different lengths and thicknesses to suit your pipe insulation needs.

    Pipe Wrap For more intricate thermal management, pipe wrap is ideal. This self-adhesive insulating tape can be applied on more awkward pipe shapes and in less accessible environments than lagging. Perfect for shorts pipe lengths or fixings and fittings such as tee joints, pipe wrap allows more versatility for your applications. The self-adhesive backing enables you to affix this insulation to your water pipework with little effort, ensuring effective thermal insulation wherever you need it.

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