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    Flip Chart Stands

    Flip chart easels are designed very much like a drawing easel and typically stand on 2-3 legs and allow a user to write, draw and edit them. They sometimes come equipped as a whiteboard easel with hook attachments at the top to enable the user to attach flip chart paper pads.

    Features and benefits:

    • Shelving trays near the bottom of the board to house some whiteboard pens

    • A1 size for larger presentations or displays

    • Very portable, some even have wheels for quick mobility

    • Magnetic board surface

    • Full flip paper clamps near the top to hold paper down

    • Moveable base to adjust height

    • Dry-wipe able and easy to maintain

    • Where might I use one?

    • At school

    • At work for projects or meetings

    • Personal projects at home

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