Soap & Hand Cleaners

Soaps & hand cleaner are used every day for hygiene, especially during this Covid-19 (coronavirus) environment. We must frequently wash our hands with soap and water plus, use hand sanitiser (alcohol-based) or hand sanitiser wipes and hand soap to add another layer of anti-bacterial, germ and infection control protection. Using a soap or liquid soap dispenser to clean out skin will help to reduce any cross-contamination reducing bacterium spread ensuring the highest hygiene possible.

Whether it is for general day-to-day hand washing or for commercial and industrial environments where heavy-duty cleaners are required we have the ideal solution to promote a healthy washroom plus protect your skin.

For a complete overview, you can consult our ourHand Cleaners Guide.

When working within industrial, manufacturing, mechanical environments our heavy-duty industrial hand cleaner range quickly and easily helps remove dirt, oil, grease and paint plus have moisturising and sanitising qualities to clean and protect you.

Our range of Soap and hand cleaner includes major brands like. Swarfega, Tork, Kimberly Clark Rubbermaid and deb stoko, all experts in high-quality washroom supplies, dispenser equipment and hand / skin protection and cleaning. We have your entire range of body liquid soap / gel, hand cleaner, handwash, hand sanitiser and sanitising wipes, barrier cream, soap refill, antibacterial soap plus dispenser solutions for every cleaning situation.

Soap & Hand Cleaner Pack Types?

We have refill options available for our range of soap, sanitiser, gel and hand hygiene dispensers plus some of the range are supplied complete with soap and hand cleaner in a pump-action dispenser.

  • Pouch.
  • Tubs.
  • Tubes bottles.
  • Jars.
  • Cassettes.

All in various pack sizes from 0.8 ml to 1 litre plus fragranced and unscented including scrub and pumice heavy-duty cleaner hand soap, gel, all in various colours, to be part of your everyday skin, hand wash cleaning routine.

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Beskrivning Pris Package Size Compatible Dispensers Sanitizer Type Package Type Fragrance Special Features Anti-Bacterial Colour Unit Volume Range Trade Name
RS-artikelnummer 201-9587
Tillv. art.nr3486611
178,11 kr
500 ml Rubbermaid Flex Dispenser - Pouch Unscented - Yes Clear - - Rubbermaid 500ml Flex Enrichedfoam Alcohol Plus Hand Rub 75%
RS-artikelnummer 201-9585
Tillv. art.nr1869697
266,29 kr
1 L - - Pouch Unscented - Yes Clear - - Rubbermaid 1000ml Alcohol Plus Hand Rub
RS-artikelnummer 180-7578
Tillv. art.nrRVU8528
500,85 kr
1 Box of 6
800 ml Rubbermaid Foam Soap Dispenser - Refill - - Yes - - - Rubbermaid
RS-artikelnummer 146-2802
Tillv. art.nr3486605
70,97 kr
500 ml Rubbermaid Flex Dispenser - Pouch Floral - No Green - Flex Enriched Foam
RS-artikelnummer 201-9588
Tillv. art.nr3486618
150,28 kr
1.3 L - - Pouch - - Yes Clear - - Antibacterial - 3486618, Rubbermaid 1300ml Flex Enrichedlotion Hand Wash
RS-artikelnummer 201-9592
Tillv. art.nrRVU11528
206,47 kr
1.1 L - - Pouch Unscented - Yes Clear - - Rubbermaid 1100ml Foam Soap Antibacterial Refill - RVU11528
RS-artikelnummer 146-2799
Tillv. art.nrRVU11585
215,74 kr
1.1 L Rubbermaid AutoFoam Dispenser - Pouch - Alcohol Free Yes White - - Enriched Foam
RS-artikelnummer 146-2798
Tillv. art.nrRVU11529
131,73 kr
1.1 L Rubbermaid AutoFoam Dispenser - Pouch Fragrant - No Blue - - Enriched Foam