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    Channel Nuts

    A channel nut or spring channel nut is a narrow rectangular base with groves along the edge within the grooves are small gripping teeth. The nuts also have a threaded hole through the centre. Plain channel nuts have a tapped hole in the centre. Spring channel nuts also incorporate a small spring attached to the underside of the tapped hole. Channel nuts are metal fixings used with plain and slotted Unistrut and metal channel support systems.

    What does it do?

    Channel nuts are inserted lengthways into the central trough of the metal strut. Turing the nut 90° aligns the gripping teeth with the internal folded edges of the struts. When a threaded nut or bolt is offered up and tightened, the gripping teeth bite into the edge of the channel securing it in place.

    Why do you need it?

    Channel nuts provide a secure anchor point along the length of the strut to install pipe and cable support components to. Joining angles, L and T plates can also be fixed in this way enabling complete frames to be built.


    • Plain Channel nut

    • Spring channel nut

    • M6 to M12 threads

    • Steel

    • Zinc plated steel

    • Stainless steel

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