Firewire Connectors

A FireWire connector, also known as IEEE 1394, is an interface standard for a serial bus allowing high-speed communications and isochronous real-time data transfer. FireWire was developed in the 1980s by Apple but is also known by Sony (i-Link) and Texas Instruments (Lynx).
The cable contains copper wire which carries the power allowing devices with moderate power usage to operate with no need for a separate power supply. FireWire is similar to USB.
Benefits of FireWire
• Can connect up to 63 peripherals in a tree or daisy chain topology
• Allows peer to peer device communication
• Supports multiple hosts per bus
• Supports plug and play and hot swapping
• Capable of safely operating critical systems
• Asynchronous and isochronous transfer methods supported
FireWire connectors can be used with some Apple devices such as, early versions of iPods and iPod nano.
Camcorders which recorded to tape have a FireWire interface. The connector can support remote control play/rewind functions and can stream the time code from a camera.
FireWire can also be used for games consoles and ad-hoc computer networks however most new computers and consoles do not support these types of connectors.

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Beskrivning Pris Number of Contacts Mounting Type Body Orientation Contact Material Contact Plating Current Rating Voltage Rating Termination Method Maximum Operating Temperature Minimum Operating Temperature Series Series Number Gender
RS-artikelnummer 529-8319
Tillv. art.nr5787956-1
VarumärkeTE Connectivity
26,988 kr
Each (In a Pack of 5)
6 Through Hole Right Angle Brass Gold over Palladium Nickel - - Solder - - - - Female
RS-artikelnummer 878-7178
Tillv. art.nrEHFWX2X
131,645 kr
Each (In a Pack of 25)
6 Panel Mount Straight - - - - Wire Lead - - EHFW - Female
RS-artikelnummer 720-6435
Tillv. art.nr53460-0629
54,60 kr
6 Through Hole Right Angle Brass Gold over Nickel 500mA 40 V Solder +85°C -40°C 53460 53460 Female
RS-artikelnummer 821-6045
Tillv. art.nr53462-0629
31,95 kr
6 Surface Mount Right Angle Brass, Phosphor Bronze Gold 1.5 A, 500 mA 40 V Solder +85°C -25°C 53462 0629 Female
RS-artikelnummer 536-9376
Tillv. art.nrFWF TV 21 G
354,75 kr
4 Panel Mount Straight - - - - - +85°C -55°C FWF TV - Female
RS-artikelnummer 665-9598
Tillv. art.nrEHFW2BPKG
225,21 kr
6 Panel Mount Straight - - - - - - - EH, Firewire 400 - Female
RS-artikelnummer 124-6389
VarumärkeRS PRO
61,73 kr
2 Panel Mount Straight - - - - Plug-In - - CP - Female
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