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    CFexpress Cards

    CFexpress Cards are the latest generation of what was once Compact Flash. They are high speed memory cards which have been designed to keep up with the high demands of modern cameras and video equipment providing high resolution photographs and videos.

    CFexpress memory cards have much faster read/write speeds than any SD card due to their use of PCIe technology and come in 3 different sizes.

    • Type A CFexpress cards are the smallest of the 3 and feature just one PCIe lane allowing for a maximum speed of 1000 MB/s. These cards have been designed for equipment in which size is more important than speed.
    • Type B CFexpress cards have two PCIe lanes allowing them to achieve speeds of up to 2000 MB/s.
    • Type C CFexpress cards are much larger than types A and B and feature four PCIe lanes with a maximum speed of 4000 MB/s. They are more often found in computers and other large devices.
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