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    Label Rolls

    Label printer rolls are essentially the label that you will be placing on a certain object to mark up what it is. Label rolls are a key accessory that you will need for your label makers and label printers. Are you looking to label some of your files, folders, draws etc.? Label printer rolls are exactly what you need so you are able to print whatever you want onto these tapes to then stick/label anywhere you need these to be placed. Label printers and makers are usually used within office and business most, but can also be used within your house to label up important files in document holders, folders and are also ideal for producing address labels.

    Label printer rolls can be used in the following applications and much more:-

    • •Files and binders
    • •Shipping/mailing
    • •General identification – 'Push or pull on a door' 'Please keep window closed'
    • •Visitor/name badges
    • •Storage, shelves, boxes
    • •Utility and food storage
    • •Floor marking
    • •Workshops and garages

    RS offer you are large range of label printer rolls that can be used on different types of materials and applications. These easy peel label printer rolls also come in different sizes, colour and waterproof to meet every customer's need. The Label printer rolls adhere to most clean, flat and curved surface and can also be used indoor and outdoor.

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