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    Rod Ends

    Rod ends can also be referred to as a rod end bearing or a rose joint and they are a type of bearing that has a circular head with an opening and a threaded shaft attached. It is a type of mechanical articulating bearing joint often used in the automotive industry. Rod end bearings can also be found in industrial machinery, boats, and remote control helicopters. Rod ends and bearings are often used to assist with movement of mechanical parts and components.

    RS have a great range of bearings including rod ends bearings suitable for both light and heavy applications. Our rod ends are available in male and female connections and have various configurations depending on the job at hand as these bearings are suitable for rotary, oscillating and linear movements. Some spherical bearings are also self lubricating, designed to run dry and are maintenance free.

    Are rod ends available in left and right hand threads?

    Depending on the type of application required, you may need a rod end with either a left hand thread or a right hand thread. We offer a wide selection of highly durable rod ends in both left and right hand threads.

    Do rod end bearings have male or female threads?

    Rod ends are available in both male and female threads, making them ideal for use in a wide range of applications. Rod ends with a male thread feature an external thread, whereas female rod ends feature an internal thread.

    What thread standards are available for rod end bearings?

    Many applications that require a rod end to operate demand precise thread measurements in either metric or imperial sizing. With our wide selection to choose from, you will find high quality rod ends in both metric and imperial to suit your needs.


    Rod end bearings are usually made from steel such as stainless steel or galvanised steel  for corrosion protection and are come in left and right hand thread types to meet various installation requirements. Rod end bearings can be found in various applications including automotive and aircraft industries.

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