AAA Batteries

AAA Batteries (or Triple A Batteries) are a standard size of battery. A battery features single or multiple cells in one package and they are used as a power source.
AAA batteries are sometimes referred to as ’remote control batteries’ as their thin shape makes them ideal for powering light weight, low drain devices. For low power electronics that require dry cell batteries, AAA Batteries are a well-known and commonly available standard, and as such are often found in digital cameras and electronic toys.
AAA batters are disposable after use. Reachargable AAA batteries are also available.

Uses for AAA batteries:
• Remote controls
• Digital cameras
• MP3 players
• Battery-powered lights
• Wireless door bells
• Clocks

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Beskrivning Pris Brand Range Model Number Chemistry Sub Range Nominal Voltage Size Terminal Type IEC Name Capacity Pack Quantity
RS-artikelnummer 914-5060
Tillv. art.nr7638900423136
15,498 kr
Each (In a Pack of 8)
Energizer MAX - Alkaline - 1.5V AAA Standard - - 8
RS-artikelnummer 176-9039
Tillv. art.nr4903121492
152,00 kr
Varta High Energy - Alkaline - 1.5V AAA Standard - - 20
RS-artikelnummer 188-1971
Tillv. art.nr4103210591
4,382 kr
Each (In a Pack of 500)
Varta 4103 - Power One 1.5V AAA - LR03 1.2mAh -
RS-artikelnummer 176-9844
Tillv. art.nr1501-0004-1
3,693 kr
Each (In a Box of 200)
Ansmann Industrial - Alkaline - 1.5V AAA Flat LR03 1.2Ah 200