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    Thermal Adhesives

    Thermal adhesives are a type of adhesive commonly used to attach a heatsink to electronic components. The glue is typically a two part epoxy resin which cures to form a strong bond. They are thermally conductive and usually electrically insulating, helping to dissipate heat from the device to prevent overheating or a breakdown.

    The main function of a thermal adhesive is to ensure there is no air space between which would act as a thermal insulator. It fills in the microscopic imperfections on the heatsink and device.

    There are a variety of thermal compound adhesives available that are ideal for eliminating the air gap under a heat sink. The most common types of thermally conductive adhesives are:

    • Thermal paste

    • Thermal glue

    • Thermal adhesive tape

    • Thermal Grease

    • Thermal Gap Pads


    Thermal adhesives are used in a variety of industries and applications such as:

    • Heat sink bonding

    • Potting/encapsulating sensors

    • BGA die heat spreader interface

    • Chip scale packages

    • Power semiconductors

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