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    NXP MCIMX286CVM4B, 32bit ARM9 Microcontroller, i.MX28, 454MHz, 128 kB ROM, 289-Pin MAPBGA

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    i.MX28x Application Processors

    The i.MX28x is a high-performance ARM9-core 32-bit microcontroller optimized for embedded multimedia applications. It is available in consumer, industrial and automotive grades. The automotive grade parts have the additional benefit of being AEC-Q100 qualified.

    454MHz ARM926EJ-S core with 128KB Mask-PROM, 128KB SRAM, 1280bits OTP ROM
    16-bit mobile DDR (mDDR) (1.8V), DDR2 (1.8V) and LV-DDR2 (1.5V), up to 205MHz
    Support for up to 8 x NAND Flash memory devices with up to 20-bit BCH ECC
    4 x synchronous serial ports (SSP) for SDIO/MMC/MS/SPI
    Single 10/100 Ethernet with GMII/RMII or Dual 10/100 Ethernet with RMII interface
    2 x 2.0B protocol-compatible Controller Area Network (CAN) interfaces (281, 286, 287 only)
    USB 2.0 OTG device/host controller and PHY
    USB 2.0 host controller and PHY
    5 x UART with hardware flow control
    2 x I²C serial interfaces
    LCD controller, up to 24-bit RGB (DOTCK) modes and 24-bit system-mode (not 280)
    4/5-wire touchscreen controller (not 280)
    Up to 8x8 keypad matrix with button-detect circuit
    Pixel-processing pipeline (PXP) supports full path from colour-space conversion, scaling, alpha-blending to rotation without intermediate memory access
    Dual serial audio interface (SAIF)
    Power Management Unit (PMU)
    8 x PWM
    Real-Time Clock
    16-channel Low-Resolution ADC
    High-Speed 2Msps ADC
    Read-only unique ID for Digital Rights Management (DRM) algorithms
    Secure boot using AES-128 hardware decryption
    SHA-1 and SHA-256 hashing hardware
    Package: BGA289

    RS Product Codes
    801-6839 MCIMX280DVM4B Commercial -20 to +70°C
    801-6832 MCIMX281AVM4B Automotive -40 to +85°C AEC-Q100
    922-7504 MCIMX281AVM4B Automotive -40 to +85°C AEC-Q100 (Pack of 152)
    801-6836 MCIMX283CVM4B Industrial -40 to +85°C
    922-7513 MCIMX283CVM4B Industrial -40 to +85°C (Pack of 152)
    749-6571 MCIMX283DVM4B Commercial -20 to +70°C
    801-6845 MCIMX286CVM4B Industrial -40 to +85°C
    749-6574 MCIMX287CVM4B Industrial -40 to +85°C
    922-7419 MCIMX287CVM4B Industrial -40 to +85°C (Pack of 152)


    Family Namei.MX28
    Package TypeMAPBGA
    Mounting TypeSurface Mount
    Pin Count289
    Device CoreARM9
    Data Bus Width32bit
    Program Memory Size128 kB
    Maximum Frequency454MHz
    RAM Size128 kB
    USB Channels2
    Number of SPI Channels3
    Number of CAN Channels0
    Number of I2C Channels2
    Number of UART Channels6
    Typical Operating Supply Voltage1.35 → 1.55 (Digital Core) V, 1.62 → 2.1 (Analog Core) V
    Number of USART Channels0
    Dimensions14 x 14 x 1.03mm
    Minimum Operating Temperature-40 °C
    Maximum Operating Temperature+85 °C
    Pulse Width Modulation8
    Program Memory TypeROM
    Maximum Number of Ethernet Channels1
    Number of LIN Channels0
    ADCs1 (16 x 12 bit)
    Number of Ethernet Channels1
    Number of PCI Channels0
    Number of ADC Units1