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Parallax Inc Propeller QuickStart MCU Development Kit 40000

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Parallax Inc
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Propeller Quickstart Evaluation Board

The QuickStart is an evaluation board for the Propeller. As an Open-Source reference design the QuickStart board provides basic Propeller circuitry. Developers may use our PCB layout files as their own to speed their project towards completion. As a project board the QuickStart is fully expandable and provides unimpeded access to all I/O pins through an expansion header but includes some button inputs and LEDs to demonstrate programming. With USB power and a selection of QuickStart Project examples it's also the fastest way to get up and running.

Propeller 8-core 32-bit microcontroller, 64KB EEPROM (32KB for program, 32KB for general-purpose use)
Bus-powered USB coupled with 3.3V regulator for 500mA
5MHz crystal on board may be disabled by removing SMT jumper, allowing replacement with external through-hole crystal
External brownout reset may be installed by removing SMT jumper
8 x blue LEDs on P16-P23
8 x resistive touch-buttons on P0-P7
Pads for sigma-delta A/D circuitry (two resistors and two capacitors, both 0603 footprint)
Expansion header provides access to Vss, Vdd, 32 I/O pins (28 x GPIO, 2 for I²C bus and 2 for optional Tx/Rx if connected to USB power)
Dimensions: 51 x 76mm
Open hardware reference design through our Altium and DipTrace PCB layout files (more export options may be possible)


Also available: Human Interface Board for Quickstart, RS Part No. 779-2721

The Propeller™ 1 microprocessor chip makes it easy to rapidly develop embedded applications. Its eight 32-bit processors (COGs) can operate simultaneously, either independently or cooperatively, sharing common resources through a central hub. The developer has full control over how and when each cog is employed; there is no compiler-driven or operating system-driven splitting of tasks among multiple cogs. A shared system clock keeps each cog on the same time reference, allowing for true deterministic timing and synchronization. Two programming languages are available: the easy-to-learn high-level Spin, and Propeller Assembly which can execute at up to 160 MIPS (20 MIPS per COG).

ClassificationDevelopment Kit
Kit NamePropeller QuickStart
Processor Part NumberP8X32A