RS PRO Methane Gas Detector, LED

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  • Tillverkare / varumärke RS PRO
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RS PRO RS GD-36 Combustible Gas Leak Detector

Introducing the RS PRO Handheld Gas Detector which is able to locate and detect combustible and explosive gas leaks like methane, propane, butane, ammonia, carbon dioxide and many more. It can detect concentrations as low as 1ppm and up to 1000ppm, meaning it can operate in the most difficult environments with minimal interference. This effective and easy to use gas detection unit from RS PRO is ideal for ensuring proper installation of gas lines, maintenance and repair tasks and is simple enough to use to quickly pinpoint combustible gas leaks across a variety of different applications.

Features and Benefits:

Portable gas leak detection unit with an LED display of flammable gas levels The 16-inch adjustable probe makes it easy to locate and monitor leaks even in hard to reach and confined spaces Real-time readings for accurate monitoring and detection TRI Mode Detection lets you select between visual, audible and vibration alarms to best suit your environment allowing flexibilityAdjustable sensitivity provides precise leak locating with the touch of a button, meaning even low levels of gases can be detected quickly The replaceable sensor allows for more up-time and less time waiting for repairs Rugged and ergonomic design offers exceptional comfort and durability This portable gas detector can be used to find leaks indoors and outdoors 50 second warm up time


A gas detector locates a variety of gases like combustible and explosive gas leaks from petrol or gasoline, methane, butane, sewer gas, and other flammable gases that could cause serious harm to the surrounding environment and the people within that environment. It is a key piece of equipment when working with gas line installation and general maintenance and repair to ensure the safety of any individuals at risk when working in environments where any type of gas is present.These types of gas detection units can be used in a wide range of environments like: Oil production Smelting Chemical Municipal Sewage treatment Electricity Coal gas Mining Tunnel construction Fire Storage Paper Pharmaceutical BrewingAnd can be used to specifically detect, locate and monitor gas leaks in: Gas lines and pipes Propane gas filling station Fuel in marine holds Exhaust and fuel leaks Heat Exchange Leaks Dangerous life and work Check the manholes for safety

How long do Gas Detectors and their sensors last?

The gas detection unit can last a lifetime if looked after, just like any test and measurement tool. Generally, gas detector sensors can last anything from 2-3 years in perfect conditions. It is always wise to check the battery of the unit regularly and if you have a gas detector that can have the sensor replaced, that this is also done as part of its maintenance.

What gases does this detect?

This gas detector can detect combustible or flammable gases like methane, butane, ammonia, carbon dioxide, propane and many more.

Attribute Value
Gases Detected Combustible
Response Time 2 s
Application Leak Detection
ATEX Approval No
Meter Type Handheld
Display Type LED
Audible Alarm Yes
Visual Alarm Yes
Power Source Battery
Battery Type Li-Ion Polymer
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Pris (ex. moms) Each
834,00 kr
(exkl. moms)
1 042,50 kr
(inkl. moms)
Per unit
1 +
834,00 kr
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