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    Kelvin Clips

    Kelvin clips are similar to crocodile (also known as alligator) clips, but each jaw of a Kelvin clip insulated from the other. A current lead is connected to one jaw and a potential lead to the other. Kelvin clips are a practical way of making a four-terminal (Kelvin) connection to wires, busbars and plates.

    Features of Kelvin clips

    Unlike crocodile clips, where both halves of the jaw are electrically common to each other andusually joined at the hinge point, the two halves of Kelvin clips' jaws are insulated from each other at the hinge point. They only contact at the tips where they clasp the wire or terminal of the subject being measured.

    What are Kelvin clips used for?

    Kelvin clips are used to assist in the Kelvin method of measurement that is typically made using four separate wires. Two of the wires carry the current and are known as the source or current leads. They pass current through an Rx receiver. Kelvin clips grip the tip of the wire for maximum clamp.

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