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    Temperature Calibrators

    Temperature calibrators are compact devices in analogue or digital format, robust, and suitable for on-site conditions. They can calibrate an instrument in its operating environment without removing it from the process. These devices are commonly used by technicians and calibration certified engineers for testing transmitters, controllers, alarms, and computer systems. Our range of temperature calibrators is made from high-quality materials and components for accuracy and precise measurements. Browse our products, which have been sourced from leading brands such as; Aoip Instrumentation, Time Electronic, Chauvin Arnoux, Fluke, and RS PRO.

    How do temperature calibrators work?

    Temperature calibrators are designed to accurately measure, generate, or simulate low-level signals encountered in industrial devices. They're composed of two dissimilar metals that produce a small voltage when joined together – you can then read this signal.

    Choose the right measuring device

    When selecting a temperature calibrator, it is helpful to consider the temperature range, the chemical resistance of the calibrator, and overall vibration and abrasion resistance. The most common calibrators are Thermocouple, Drywell, and RTD, each of which is suitable for a different temperature range.

    Thermocouple calibrator - Used for calibrating devices that use thermocouples as an input signal such as meters, controllers, transmitters, data loggers, and recorders.

    Drywell calibrator - Ideal for checking dial gauges, digital thermometers, bulb switches, and other sensors that need calibration below ambient.

    RTD calibrator - Used for testing, calibrating, and documenting the performance of an RTD transmitter.


    • Calibration testing
    • Electronic Servicing
    • Temperature Measurement
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