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    Fused Spurs

    Fused spurs, also known as fused connection units (FCUs), are electrical devices used in wiring installations. They are commonly found in the UK and other countries that follow similar electrical standards. Fused spurs provide a means of connecting electrical appliances or equipment to the main's electricity supply while incorporating a built-in fuse for protection.

    What are the benefits of fused spurs?

    • Power control: Fused spurs enable control of power supply to specific electrical devices or appliances.
    • Fuse protection: Fused spurs have a built-in fuse, which acts as a safety measure to protect the connected device and the wiring from excessive current.
    • Connection point: Fused spurs serve as a connection point between the fixed wiring in a building and individual electrical devices.
    • Flexibility: Fused spurs can be installed with either a switched or unswitched configuration, depending on the specific application

    What are the types of fused spurs?

    There are generally two main types of fused spurs or fused connection units (FCUs) based on their functionality and configuration: switched fused spurs and unswitched fused spurs.

    • Switched Fused Spurs: Switched fused spurs incorporate an on/off switch, allowing you to control the power supply to the connected device directly at the spur. They are commonly used in applications where you need the ability to isolate the device without affecting other electrical circuits. The switch typically has a clear "on" and "off" position, making it easy to determine the power status.
    • Unswitched Fused Spurs: Unswitched fused spurs, as the name suggests, do not have an on/off switch. They provide a fused connection point for appliances or devices but do not include a switch for direct control of the power supply. Unswitched fused spurs are typically used when a separate switch is already present in the electrical installation or when control is not required at the spur itself.

    For more information on fused spurs please check our fused spurs guide


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