A Microprocessor or a CPU is the electronic component inside your computer that controls most of the functions your computer can do, from browsing the web, to writing a document. A computer is driven by specific sets of instructions, the CPU carries these instructions out at great speeds. A key area to look at when deciding on which microprocessor suits you is the Data Bus Width. They come in varying different levels from 8 bit up to 64bit and beyond. The bit level determines the rate at which it can process data, the higher the better. Also consider the Maximum Frequency also called Clock Speed, as this will greatly determine the functionality and speed of the processor and your ability to upgrade in the future.

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Beskrivning Pris Family Name Device Core Data Bus Width Instruction Set Architecture Maximum Frequency I/O Voltage Fabrication Technology Mounting Type Package Type Pin Count Typical Operating Supply Voltage Dimensions Height Length
RS-artikelnummer 126-2520
Tillv. art.nrR7S910018CBG#AC0
396,13 kr
RZ/T1 ARM Cortex R4F 32bit ARM Core Sight, Harvard 600MHz 3 → 3.6V - Surface Mount FBGA 320 3.3 V 17.2 x 17.2 x 1.85mm 1.85mm 17.2mm
RS-artikelnummer 124-0902
Tillv. art.nrR7S721021VCFP#AA1
179,71 kr
RZ/A1L ARM Cortex A9 32bit RISC 400MHz - - Surface Mount LFQFP 208 3 → 3.6 V 28.1 x 28.1 x 1.55mm 1.55mm 28.1mm