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    Electronic Fuses

    Electronic fuses, or eFuses as they are also known, are small integrated circuits (ICs) that are used to replace a conventional style fuse within a device. Electronic fuses operate in a similar way to that of a conventional fuse. The eFuse is connected to the main power within a device and features a switch with low on-resistance capabilities allowing the eFuse to operate when an overcurrent or overvoltage is detected.

    The compact form of an electric fuse is found within a plastic casing often in conventional package types such as DFN. A variety of voltage and current ranges along with various pin count options allows for any device to be well protected.

    Dissimilar to a conventional fuse, electronic fuses can act much faster and with much more precision to ensure all devices and their circuitry are safe from this type of failure. Electronic fuses also do not need replacing after being engaged.

    Where can I use an Electronic Fuse?

    • Hot-swap network boards
    • Server units
    • Hard Disk and Solid-State drive arrays
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