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    Capacitance to Digital Converters

    Capacitance to Digital Converters are a type of electronic device that converts a capacitance value into a digital value.

    How does a capacitance to digital converter work?

    Capacitance to Digital Converters interface with capacitive sensors with maximum value 1nF of which a cable capacitance of up to 1nF can be tolerated. This type of converter can also interface with a capacitive MEMS (micro-electromechanical system) sensor and then convert the value into a digital one.

    Some capacitance to digital converter features an adaptive threshold algorithm which is designed to compensate for any changes in the sensor capacitance due to factors in the environment like humidity and temperature.

    Types of capacitance to digital converters

    This converter is available in different configurations types such as varied conversion rates, resolution.

    These converters also available in different package types such as MSOP (Mini small-outline package), SSOP (Shrink small-outline package), TSSOP (Thin shrink small-outline package)


    Capacitance to digital converters have a wide range of application use such as;

    • Proximity sensors
    • Position detection
    • level detection
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