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    Microcontroller Development Tools

    Processor and microcontroller development kits are kits built up of SBC (Single Board Computers) and various prototyping, programming and evaluation boards. They are widely used in all industries and are brilliant for development or small projects. With many different types of interfaces, integrations and types you should find a device that suits you.

    What brands are available?

    We have a range of brands, with big names such as:

    • Raspberry Pi 2/3/3 b+ and the latest Raspberry Pi 4 Model B
    • Arduino / Arduino Uno
    • STMicroelectronics
    • Microchip
    • MikroElektronika

    What types of processor & microcontroller development kits are there?

    • SBC (Single Board Computers) - SBCs are small form factor computers that act like a normal PC or laptops. They have a processor, ram and storage. With their small form, the possibilities are endless. You can connect SBCs to the IoT (Internet Of Things).
    • Prototyping / Development Board - These kits tend to be more specialised for a specific task, whether it is logging data, exporting code to a microcontroller or another task.
    • Modules - Modules are typically 'add-on' boards to get more out of your main-boards. These can be PoE accessories, transducers, receivers and much more.

    Lots of these kits require software to run or use. Typically the software is free to download and can easily be found from the brand.

    For all things SBC and IoT- visit our sister site OKdo, where you will find a dedicated Pi Shop.

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