Displays For Arduino

If you’re looking for a quality display to use with your Arduino, take a look at our range of touchscreens, LCD displays and OLED screens. Sizes range from a tiny 0.96” all the up to a huge 10.1”.

Make sure you check the additional features available on the screens, such as audio output like the Adafruit 1694 10.1in Colour LCD Display or microSD card slots like the Digilent 410-317 2.8in LCD Display.

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Beskrivning Pris Diagonal Display Size Display Technology Display Resolution Viewing Area Dimensions Dimensions For Use With Series
RS-artikelnummer 124-5467
Tillv. art.nr1694
1 397,98 kr
10.1in Colour LCD Display - - - Arduino, BeagleBone, LattePanda, Raspberry Pi -
RS-artikelnummer 124-5444
Tillv. art.nr802
315,33 kr
1.8in Colour LCD Display - - - - -