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    An electric planer is used to smooth and shave wood, to a specific size. These tools aren't generally intended for use with materials such as metal and are more commonly used for carpentry and furniture making.

    How do they work?

    A powered planer is slightly different to a handheld planer, both having a smooth soleplate. However, the difference is planing ability, with the blades mounted on a drum and spinning up to 20000 rpm. By applying the blade of the planer to the designated surface, you can create a smooth surface by shaving away or smoothing out bumps and other problem areas to the designated elevation between the front and rear shoes. Like handheld planers, an electric planer can only effectively be used working in one direction in a frontward way.

    Features and benefits:

    • Powerful motors available for even the hardest of jobs
    • Sharp blades ensure a quality smooth finish at various depths
    • Cutting depth adjustments are available in fractions of mm
    • Ergonomically pleasing handles for comfort and grip Certain models allow the use of a dust bag/extractor
    • Lock-out buttons to prevent unintended starts
    • Spring loaded park shoes intended to protect the surface you use it on further
    • Faster than typical sanding by hand

    RS has a range of planers from some of the leading brands such as Dewalt and Bosch, for all your planing needs. This includes cordless planers which are great for portable working without being restrained by a cable.

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