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    Magnetic Drill Bits

    It can be difficult and time-consuming when trying to manoeuvre large pieces of steel into position to a stationary drill. A magnetic drill is portable, allowing you to take the drill to the workpiece. The drill bit then is a specialised drill bit for drilling holes into steel or similar steels. Also named as an Annular cutter, magnetic drill bits cut faster, last longer and produce a better finish compared to a conventional metal drill.

    Types of Magnetic drill bits

    • HSS Bit - This is the most popular cutter, used in a variety of applications on Steels, Aluminium and Stainless Steel
    • Tin Coated HSS Bit - The prowess of an HSS cutter, but the coating offers the cutter better performance against harder steels.
    • Carbide Tip Bit - Carbide provides a longer tool life against harder or abrasive materials. These cutting bits can work with a higher RPM than HSS drill bits.
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