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    Drill Accessories

    Drills are one of the most common power tools found in many a tool collection, but the potential of these tools is greatly increased when they are combined with the right accessories. At RS, we have a wide range of accessories to meet your needs from some of the industry's leading brands, such as Bosch, DeWALT, Dormer, Makita and our very own RS PRO range.

    What kinds of accessories are there for power drills?

    Considering the range of applications drills can be used for, there are quite a few different accessory types that they can be combined with. This includes various types of adapters - such as drill bit adapters, angle adapters and SDS adapters - pilot pins, drill chucks, bit holders, and extension bars.

    • Adapters - Drill bit adapters are used to hold small drill bits in place, allowing for quick changes between tooling. This allows for changes not only in drill bit size but also type, such as switching between woodworking and masonry drill bits.
    • Drill chuck - A self-centering specialised three-jaw chuck that holds drill bits and other rotary tools in place.
    • Pilot pins - Pilot pins are used in a pre-drilled hole to centralise multi-tooth cutters.
    • Extension bars - Drill bit extension bars allow for greater drilling depths to be achieved, adding length to the active part of the tool to ensure the desired drilling penetration is achieved.

    Why should I use drill accessories?

    Drilling accessories such as adapters and drill chucks allow for the quick changing of tooling between jobs, allowing for drill bits and sockets to be switched quickly and efficiently. A drill attachment, like an extension bar or a pilot pin, can help you to fulfil specific requirements in your tasks.

    Having a selection of accessories for your power drill also prevents you from having to buy separate tools for different applications, saving you time, space and money. While there may be several different types of accessories required to cover all of the job types you will be undertaking, it will still be more efficient to purchase several accessories instead of a new tool, especially if your main drill is adaptable and can handle your different requirements.

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