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    The taps are used to provide and control water from the main water supply to your bath or sinks. They come in different sizes and styles.

    Separate Cold and Hot water taps

    The installation of these separate tabs requires two holes in your bath or sink. You can install them either in the kitchen, bathroom or cloakroom. One tap will be marked as blue which is for cold water and the other tab will be marked as red which is for hot water. To use separate taps you need to open them both at the same time to get the desired temperature.

    Basin Mixer Taps

    Mixer taps are the perfect choice for people who like the simple things in life, they mix the hot and cold water together making the temperature easier to control. Unlike traditional taps, mixer taps join both flows of hot and cold water before releasing it. This can be controlled by one central- lever or two separate knobs. Mixer tap is easy to use, modern, safe and economic.

    What are the benefits of a basin mixer tap?

    • sleek and contemporary look
    • more control over the temperature of the water
    • better economy due to controlled flow
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