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    Work Gloves

    Protecting the hands in the workplace is an important safety consideration across a wide variety of industries and fields. Our hands can come into contact with all sorts of potentially harmful substances during everyday activities, and these risks are only increased when working with any manner of dangerous environments, equipment or materials, from electrical wiring to chemicals and construction sites to laboratories. Providing and wearing suitable safety gloves as compulsory workwear in the workplace is important in meeting PPE (personal protective equipment) requirements.

    Our range of work gloves are sourced from trusted brands, such as Ansell, BM Polyco, Delta Plus, Honeywell, Kimberly Clark, Mapa, Showa, Skytec, RS PRO and many more. Our work gloves are available in many kinds of protective materials, including leather, latex, HPPE, fibreglass, Kevlar, neoprene, nitrile, nylon, polycotton, PVC and many more, ensuring you have the right work gloves suitable for your application.

    Work gloves protect your hands from wear-and-tear prevalent in manual labour, industrial work or similar environments, such as cuts, abrasions and punctures. Specialist materials can be found for added cut protection and/or abrasion resistance, as well as protection against chemicals, vibration, moisture and wetness, and cold or hot temperatures.

    What are work gloves made from?

    Work gloves are made in a variety of materials depending on the intended end application, including leather, latex, HPPE, neoprene, nylon. Safety gloves can also have protective coatings, with rubber and latex-coated gloves being popular examples often chosen for dry environments as they are hardwearing and provide excellent hand protection from sharp materials like glass, metal, and barbed wire, etc. This allows the user to experience the protective benefits of multiple materials at the same time.

    Popular Work Gloves

    • Anti-Static Gloves
    • Chemical Resistant Gloves
    • Cut Resistant Gloves
    • Heat Resistant Gloves
    • Kevlar Gloves
    • Leather Work Gloves
    • Neoprene GlovesThermal Work Gloves


    Work gloves are typically found in construction, chemical facilities, metal fabrication, industrial work, welding, food preparation, hospital health care and warehouses.

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