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    Finger Cots

    Finger cots, also known as finger gloves or finger protectors, are small coverings designed to fit over individual fingers. They are commonly used in various industries, healthcare settings, and other situations where finger protection or cleanliness is necessary.

    Finger cots serve multiple purposes, including:

    • Protection: Finger cots shield fingers from potential contaminants, such as dirt, chemicals, or pathogens, particularly in industries where handling sensitive materials is involved.
    • Hygiene: In healthcare settings, finger cots can be used to cover fingers when performing tasks that require a sterile or clean environment, such as wound care, applying ointments, or handling instruments.
    • Finger Grips: Some finger cots have textured surfaces or grip-enhancing properties, which provide better control and dexterity when handling delicate objects or working with tools.
    • Finger Injury Prevention: Finger cots can be used to protect injured or wounded fingers, providing a barrier against further damage or infection.

    Finger cots are typically made from latex, are stretchable, and provide good tactile sensitivity. For those with latex allergies, nitrile is a good alternative. They are commonly disposable, however some finger cots made from silicone can be washed and reused for multiple applications.

    Finger cots are available in various sizes and can be used in a range of industries including electronics, healthcare, cosmetics and food handling.

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