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    Confined Space Equipment

    A confined space can be defined as limited space or restricted occupancy that is not particularly designed for people to enter or exit. However, in some workplaces, workers need to enter a "confined space" to perform certain tasks. Common confined space includes, tanks, vessels, vaults, pits, manholes, tunnels, pipelines, chamber, silo and more, typically where space is mostly enclosed.

    Typical dangers of confined spaces include

    • Lack of oxygen
    • Exposure to harmful gases, fumes or vapour
    • Gases, liquids or solids that can quickly fill the confined space if provoked
    • Fire or explosion
    • High exposure to dust particles or chemicals in the air
    • Extreme high or cold temperatures

    These spaces present a serious risk of injury or can put the person at danger of life. It is imperative that the correct safety precautions are followed and they utilise the reliable confined space equipment.

    Confined space equipment can include

    • Breathing apparatus
    • Tripod
    • Winch
    • Vertical entry equipment
    • Escape kits
    • Fall Arrest systems
    • Cover, barriers and signage
    • Gas detectors

    Our confined space equipment range includes trusted brands that meet the required safety standards and used across several industries, including, but not limited to, mining, construction, utility, engineering, army.

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