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    Panel Marking

    Panel marking provides a convenient way to replace particularly durable types of labels, such as plastic plates. This eliminates the need for a label holder, and the marking typically has very powerful adhesive, ensuring that it stays in place once affixed. Pane marking offers clear labelling that is resistant to the common environmental threats found in industrial locations.

    How does panel marking work?

    Labels used for panel markings are made from durable materials such as polyester. While generally rectangular in shape, the size of these labels also varies depending on their application.

    Text is printed onto the labels using compatible cable label printers. The labels are then attached to the required surface, often by means of a strong adhesive or through thermal transfer.

    What is panel marking used for?

    Panel marking is used in many different contexts, including in component identification and barcoding, as well as asset and inventory tracking. The labels can be used with patch panels or to replace engraved plates.

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