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    Fan Speed Controllers

    A fan speed controller is a device used for the management of the rotational speed of electric fans such as axial fans, centrifugal fans and propeller fans. Speed controllers can be variable or have a specific number of speed settings. Speed controllers help to save energy, reduce noise and prolong the life of electrical and electronic equipment.

    RS offer a range of high-quality Single-Phase fan speed controllers from leading industry brands including Vent-Axia, Xpelair, ebm-papst and Dimplex. You can find out more in our fan speed controllers guide.

    Where would I use a fan speed controller?

    In HVAC applications, controllers can be used for the speed control and adjustment of extractor fans. In computers, various types of computer fans are used to provide adequate cooling and different fan control mechanisms balance their cooling capacities and the noise levels they generate.

    Thermal controller fans are used by sensing the temperature of computing devices and increasing or decreasing the speed of fan control to regulate the temperature inside the computer to keep devices from failing from overheating. In thermostatic fan control, the fan is either on or off. The temperature inside the chassis is checked and if outside of temperature range gives the required output detected fans are set to their maximum fan speed. If the temperature drops to below the threshold set by the controller the fan turns off. This type of control method reduces noise issues and power requirements during periods of low usage. When the system is operating at capacity the fan noise can become a problem again.

    Time switch controllers can also be used to control the speed of the fan via settings that control the fan speed and duration of running time.

    Pulse-width modulation, also known as PMW, is also a common method of controlling computer fans. This gives the fan controller the ability to adjust the rotation speed on the fly without changing the input voltage to the cooling fan.

    Fan controllers offer a practical solution for managing cooling performance while minimising noise generation. Whether in industrial applications, or server rooms, these versatile devices provide precise control over fan speeds, resulting in enhanced cooling efficiency, reduced noise levels, and prolonged fan lifespan. By incorporating a fan controller into your setup, you can optimise the performance and reliability of your equipment while enjoying a quieter and more comfortable environment.

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