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    Hex Keys

    A hex key, also known as an Allen Key, Allen wrench or hex wrench is a small L shaped or T shaped tool with a 6-sided hexagonal tip which is used to loosen hex socket screws or bolts.

    Types of Hex Key

    L-Shaped Hex Keys: L Shaped Hex Keys or L Keys are the most common type of hex key with a hexagonal tip at each end

    T-Shaped Hex Keys: T-shaped hex keys or T bar Allen Keys have a crossbar or T shaped handle at the end which provides a better grip

    Folding Allen Key Sets: Folding Allen Key Sets consist of an outer casing from which a selection of different sized Allen keys can be unfolded, a bit like a penknife or multi-tool

    Hex keys or Allen keys are available in metric sizes and imperial sizes Imperial Allen Keys. They are also available in Allen Key Sets which include a range of popular hex key sizes including 12mm Allen keys. RS also supply Allen keys from leading brands such as Wera Allen Keys, Wera Allen Key Sets and Bondhus Allen Keys

    For more information please refer to our Hex Keys Guide

    For our range of hex socket screws please see Socket Screws

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