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    Punch & Die Kits

    Punch and Die tools, combinations and kits are used for punching, forming or cutting a large variety of materials. Materials such as sheet metal, mild steel, steel, paper and plastic. These tools come in a wide choice of shapes such as circular or square and have different sizes and applications such as Machine, Lever Press, Hydraulic and hand.

    Punch tooling has two parts; the punch is the piece which presses, cuts or punches the material, whilst the die is on the opposite side of the workpiece and supports the material underneath and around the hole or shape perimeter. Clearance around the punch and die can vary depending on the thickness of the material being punched, so the thickness of the material needs to be considered when choosing the size of the punch and die.

    RS offers a large range in metal hole punches, metal punches, hole punches, dies and tools in a variety of sizes to meet your stamping, blanking, punching, forming and cutting needs.

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