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    Touch screen accessories are supplementary product parts for use with touch screen devices like monitors, display screens, touch panels, tablets and mobile phones. Examples of these accessories include stylus pens, mounting brackets, support rests, tabletop stands or card swipe add-ons, to name a few.

    What are touch screen accessories used for?

    Touch screen accessories are used in control devices like mice and keyboards to help the operator navigate the user interface on the screen. They allow users to have quick, accurate interactions with the display content. These types of accessories are found in devices such as ATMs, point-of-sale products, game consoles or handheld computers (courier drivers use). They are typical in digital appliances like PDAs, e-readers, homeware and office appliances. Touch screen accessories are used in the medical industry and in industrial environments where large display screens are required for information, notification and control purposes.

    Types of touchscreen accessories

    The most common type of touch screen accessory is the stylus. Like pens styluses are used for writing functions but for instance they work electronically on display screens. The Stylus pen can also be known as a touch screen pen, they are light-weight with small rounded profile tips designed for precision writing and screen signing.

    Styluses (Styli) are designed to be used with either resistive or capacitive touch screens which include products such as HMI panels, display development tools and LCD displays. The resistive screens will only respond to pressure and they do not need any conductive properties. Whereas capacitive touchscreens will detect a touch on a capacitive screen by the changes in an electrical field, this means the stylus pen is made from a conductive material.

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