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    Screw Terminals

    A screw terminal is an electrical connector made from plated brass that enables wires to be connected directly to a PCB and consists of a metal frame and a screw. The screw terminal is secured to the PCB using mounting legs which are snapped into holes on the PCB and soldered into place. Pre-stripped wire is wrapped under the head of the screw and the screw is tightened down using a screwdriver making a secure electrical connection between the wire and the metal frame. Wires that are terminated with connectors such as spade or ring terminals are pushed into place over the screw. Screw terminals are available with a right angle or vertical mounting body orientation, different body platings and to suit a wide range of current ratingsSome screw terminals feature colour coded screws for ease of identification and to aid trouble shooting.

    Benefits of Screw Terminals

    • Simple to use and easy to snap into place. Only basic hand tools required
    • Allow high density wire connections to PCB
    • Low cost, eliminate the need for a mating connector
    • When properly tightened provide an electrically secure connection
    • Can be reused in the field allowing for the replacement of wires or equipment
    • Can be used with solid, stranded and pre-terminated wire
    • Kinked leg versions for extra retention on the PCB

    Where are screw terminals used?

    PCB screw terminals allow electrical signals and current to flow to and from PCBs and electrical equipment.

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