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    Bootlace Ferrules

    Crimp bootlace ferrules are metal tubes crimped (compressed for the purpose of joining) over a stranded wire to allow for a reliable connection with screw or spring clamps. Most bootlace ferrules have a colour-coded insulation collar that protects the connection from contacts.

    How do bootlace ferrules work?

    With crimp bootlace ferrules, you crimp the component's metal tube rather than the insulation, whereas with a standard terminal you do the opposite.

    Once you have stripped your wire or cable, push it into the ferrule through the plastic collar so that the conductor insulation covers the entire collar and the stripped part is in the metal tube. You then use a crimping tool to crimp the metal tube to hold the wire or cable in place for a stable connection.

    What are bootlace ferrules used for?

    Crimp bootlace ferrules are used to provide the high degree of contact reliability required by a wide range of applications. They are available in a variety of designs to suit different wire or cable sizes.

    Where are they used?

    • Control units
    • Switching cabinets
    • Function units
    • Equipment with poke-in clamp or row clamp connectors
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