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    DIL Sockets

    DIL sockets (dual in-line sockets) are integrated circuit components used in almost all modern electronic devices. They have two parallel rows of pins set in a rectangular housing. The sockets have different numbers of pins to match the target integrated circuit. DIL sockets are embedded in a broad range of applications for end uses such as MRI machines and lifts.

    Types of DIL sockets

    The pin contacts that form the electrical connections consist of two main types: turned pin and dual leaf. Turned pin DIL sockets have a tapered entry and allow four points of contact. They offer a more reliable electrical connection as they can tolerate higher voltages and currents. Dual leaf sockets have a simpler design for automatic machine insertion.

    Choosing the right DIL socket

    DIL sockets can be through-hole mounted to a printed circuit board or inserted in a socket. Through-hole is the mounting technique in which the leads are inserted through holes in the circuit board and soldered from beneath. Sockets allow easy replacement and also reduce the risk of overheating which can happen during soldering.

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