Print Servers

What is a Print server?
A printer server is a device used to connect printers to a pc/laptop usually situated over a network.
How do they work?
They work by accepting printing jobs from the handle (PC/Laptop) and sending the job to the specific printer you want. It can queue jobs for you, re-order and re-prioritise and even delete jobs depending on your requirements.
Features and benefits:
• Ideal for sharing printers to other users on your network (cost efficiency)
• Remote locating your printer (doesn’t need to necessarily need to be near your PC)
• Easy to install (plug and play) and maintain
• Compact and very light-weight
• Reliable Ethernet connection
• Wireless functionalities available in some models
Where might I use one?
• Home / Office
• Educational (schools, colleges or universities)
• Government institutions
• Any environment where shared printing may be required

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