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    Firewire Cables

    Firewire cable is designed for computers and devices with firewire interfaces. Firewire is a type of serial technology with a high-speed transfer capability.

    A firewire cable consists of a piece of cable with connectors prewired on both sides. Firewire cable connects peripheral devices to PCs or other peripheral devices.

    What is firewire cable used for?

    Firewire cables are used for connecting digital cameras, hard drives and scanners to computers. They can also link PCs together for file-sharing purposes.

    Firewire cables have plug and play functions. These allow for immediate data transfer between peripheral devices or between peripheral devices and corresponding computers. Firewire cable assemblies also support hot-pluggable features, where connections or disconnections can happen live without interrupting transfers or causing data losses.

    Firewire cables are typical in the automotive, telecoms, aerospace, naval and data acquisition industries.

    Types of firewire cables 

    The most common types of firewire cable assemblies are:

    • Beta pin assemblies, with similar numbers of pins on each connector end.
    • Bilingual pin assemblies, with different numbers of pins on each connector end.
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